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Change Podcast is the best spiritual podcast to learn about energy, mindfulness, enlightenment, and the human condition in an entertaining and fun way. The host, Linda Yoonjin, presents relevant topics of living and navigating through the 21st century using your wits and soul.
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Hi guys! Glad to have you here.

Do you feel like spirituality is out of your reach? Maybe you immediately think of monks who've disconnected from the "real world" meditating for hours and chanting mantras in remote mountain temples with no wifi (gasp!) when you think of spirituality. Well, you wouldn't be entirely wrong...but what if you wanted both enlightenment and a normal life? Is that even possible? I believe there's a no-shame, guilt-free middle way to live the best of both the spiritual and material worlds. I call it being a "secular monk."

What I hope to provide with this show is to take esoteric concepts relating to the human existence and bringing them down to Earth for the average person living in the 21st century with real life problems (like me). No pretense, no fluffy hoo-ha. Spirituality can be fun and accessible, and everyone can live with monk-like inner peace and happiness even if you enjoy a drink or two...maybe three, but probably not four. Now let's have some fun and be mindful and loving along the way.

Love, Linda Yoonjin
Upcoming Topics & Schedule
All throughout February we'll be talking about love & relationship related topics! 
What is Real Love?
(Thurs, February 7)

Healing from Toxic Relationships
(Thurs, February 14)

Law of Attracting Love
(Thurs, February 21)

About Linda Yoonjin

Meet Linda—the host of Change TV and Change Podcast. She was born into a Buddhist family near a monastery in South Korea. After many years of wandering in search of THE THING that will fill the unexplainable emptiness and loneliness she felt inside to no avail, she finally said "enough!" and started her path of self-discovery in her early 20's to seek what's truly real. After many events, mistakes, tears, laughter, and fortunate twists of fate, she met Ilchi Lee and has been training her intuitive, emotional healing ability under his Enlightenment and Taoist principles ever since.

She is a certified yoga teacher, energy healer, and meditation guide and serves as Change Your Energy’s resident host for its core webinars and workshops. She enjoys hiking by the ocean and her favorite place to vacation is New Zealand.
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